Koba (Ultra)

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This is our most premium offering that combines the highest possible UV resistance in 100% crystal acrylic that resists sun damage and yellowing unlike anything on the market. With hefty 10mm of crystal clear acrylic on each side, your graded cards are protected and displayed like they belong in an art gallery.

If you think these look incredible here, just wait until you get your hands onto one yourself. It will change the way you display your favorite graded cards forever!


  • 100% Pure Crystal Acrylic to ensure museum-level transparency, clarity, and industry leading resistance against yellowing that is often seen in cheaper acrylic options
  • Highest possible UV resistance that provides reliable protection to keep your graded cards looking as fresh as possible for decades to come
  • Free standing display + protection to display your graded cards like the art they are
  • Handmade to ensure attention to detail that results in the best fit and finish in the industry
  • Infamously thick at 10mm of crystal clear acrylic per side for an incredibly sturdy, very premium feel in the hand.
  • No big ugly screws - we use industrial grade neodymium magnets for a sleek, modern look that’s quick to open and close.
  • Dimensions:  15.6 cm x 10 cm x 2.7cm (400 grams)
Size: Standard
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