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Darryl Roxas - Celebrating the Thrills of Collecting

Collector Spotlight Darryl Roxas on Celebrating the Thrills of Collecting

Meet Darryl Roxas!

A passionate collector who has embarked on a remarkable journey through the captivating world of trading card games. At 33 years old, Darryl is a Filipino American residing in Maryland, balancing his time as a paraprofessional at a middle school and part-timer at Costco. His deep love for animals extends to his affinity for collectibles, encompassing a wide range of interests, from Pokémon and Yugioh to Metazoo and Funko.

A Collecting Odyssey

Darryl's collecting odyssey traces back to the release of Pokémon Blue, which ignited his lifelong love affair with the world of TCGs. Beginning with Base Set for Pokémon and The Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon for Yugioh, he embarked on a journey that would eventually see him reconnect with the TCG world on a whole new level. A year or two ago, he received his first CGC slabbed Pokémon card, and that moment marked a turning point. The graded world not only reintroduced him to the TCG universe but propelled him into a fervent collecting spree.

A Focus on Pokémon

Darryl's primary focus lies with Pokémon, a franchise that holds a special place in his heart. His collecting journey centers on acquiring raw cards and personally grading them, or acquiring already graded slabs. As a collector with a discerning eye, he's gradually working his way towards acquiring slabs that resonate deeply with him, such as the Japanese McDonald's promos and poncho Pikachus.

Cherished Possessions and Memorable Moments

Among his cherished possessions is a Japanese PSA 10 Pikachu promo dressed in a kimono. This card beautifully weaves together the allure of Pokémon with the rich tapestry of Japanese culture. His aspirations include completing a collection of all the poncho Pikachus, a delightful quest that fuels his passion.

One of his most heartwarming collecting memories revolves around being an extra on Pawn Stars Do America. Recognized through his participation in Chumlee's Whatnot stream, he had the surreal opportunity to connect with Chumlee in person, sharing conversations and relishing their shared love for Pokémon.

Challenges and Inspiration

Navigating the world of Pokémon collecting presents its challenges, primarily centered around striking a balance between finding reasonably priced cards and allocating funds for acquisitions. Among his inspirations is Arito, an artist whose live drawing sessions on Instagram and the sight of his name on a Base Set Charizard left an indelible mark on Darryl's journey.

A Collecting Philosophy

Darryl's approach to collecting is defined by the simple yet profound principle: "It is your collection and collect what you want." His collection is an extension of himself, a testament to his personal preferences and interests.

Future Horizons and Connections

Darryl's collecting journey continues with a focus on Mewtwo cards, from autographed blueback and greenback variants to even an error blueback. His aspirations are clear, and he intends to expand his Mewtwo collection with fervor.

For those just stepping into the world of collecting, Darryl offers sage advice: "The most expensive card is not always the most coveted. Collect what you want to, be it a specific Pokémon, trainer, waifu, energy, whatever it may be. And enjoy."

If you're keen to follow Darryl's collecting adventures or connect with him, you can find him on Instagram under the handle @droxastcg. In Darryl's collecting journey, we find an embodiment of the joy and authenticity that defines the heart of collecting – a pursuit that captures the essence of what it means to be a true enthusiast in the realm of TCGs.

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