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Alastair Dogget - A Journey Through Pokémon and Harry Potter Collecting

Alastair Dogget - A Journey Through Pokémon and Harry Potter Collecting

Step into the captivating world of collecting once again as we unveil the unique story of Alastair Dogget, a collector who has traversed continents and generations with his passion for Pokémon and Harry Potter cards. Hailing from the UK and now based in the US, Alastair's journey is a testament to the global allure of collectibles and the timeless joy they bring.

A Collecting Odyssey

Alastair's collecting journey began with a nostalgic dive into the realms of Pokémon and Harry Potter. As a child, booster packs held the allure of adventure, leading him to thrift stores and yard sales alongside his father in search of treasures. The enchanting universe of Pokémon and the magical world of Harry Potter captured his imagination, and the chase for cards became a lifelong fascination.

From Artwork to Nostalgia

Alastair's collecting focus weaves between two beloved realms – Pokémon and Harry Potter. His collection journey spans the generational evolution of Pokémon cards, with a fondness for Generation I to III and the Japanese ADV PCG era. Seeking the unique juxtaposition of artwork and craftsmanship, Alastair is drawn to the holo cards of Pokémon illustrator Aya Kusube, who infuses his creations with a captivating dark etching style.

A Gem in the Collection

Among Alastair's cherished cards stands the Harry Potter Second Year Holo PSA 9 from the Chamber of Secrets set. With only a handful of 9s in existence, this card is a testament to his dedication and appreciation for the rare and beautiful. Yet, it's the PSA 5 Lugia from the Neo Genesis box, acquired during his childhood, that holds unmatched nostalgia and personal value – a vivid reminder of the thrill of opening booster packs.

Nurturing the Collector's Spirit

Alastair's most cherished collecting memory takes us back to the UK, where he explored "car boot sales" with his father. These early morning excursions fostered a sense of discovery and camaraderie, enabling him to complete sets and trade cards without the convenience of online platforms.

One of Alastair's challenges lies in balancing his affinity for hoarding with the pursuit of higher collecting goals. The aspiration to acquire a sealed case of six WOTC Chamber of Secrets boxes stands as a testament to his ambition and dedication to his craft.

Community Inspiration

Inspired by the account @psa_10_ftw, Alastair acknowledges the kindness and knowledge shared within the collecting community. Learning about grading processes and delving into the intricacies of the HPTCG has been a transformative experience for him.

A Display of Excellence

When it comes to displaying and organizing his collection, Alastair relies on Phantom Display for their top-tier acrylic cases. His unique touch involves repurposing store display setups, lending a touch of nostalgia to his presentation.

Guiding New Collectors

For newcomers to the collecting scene, Alastair's advice is clear: join Instagram communities, engage in box breaks, and embrace the knowledge and camaraderie that come from connecting with fellow enthusiasts.

Alastair's collecting dreams include completing the five master HPTCG sets in both English and Japanese. His ambition also extends to assembling a collection of complete PSA 9+ foils and holos from all five sets.

A Collector's Philosophy

In his own words, Alastair's philosophy is a testament to embracing the wisdom of the collective: "Learn from everyone! Every success, mistake, and story."

With an open heart, Alastair invites fellow collectors to connect with him on Instagram at @_foo_bar_baz_boo. Explore his journey, immerse yourself in his world, and share in the boundless passion that collecting ignites. Explore Alastair's Collection and discover the allure of the Red/Green gift set photos that bring his story to life.

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